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December 3rd, 2013

One Thousand Bunnies.

I'm beginning to surface after graduation.  It's been a long hard slog, but it is done.  And now there are 1,000 bunnies in the world, I have a shiny new degree complete with a distinction, and a special achievement award.  What I don't have is a job, but am working on that.

I have been a virtual hermit for most of 2013, so I would also like to rediscover having some sort of life.  Picking this project up again should be part of my reconnection with the world.

Meanwhile, the bunnies need re-homing, so they are for sale.  Currently 200 are on show at the University of Exeter as part of their programme to showcase more contemporary art, and I'm selling at the Marker Emporium and Maker Junction in Plymouth until the 8th December.


Here's my artist's statement for the grad show:

"Sue Bamford is an artist working with textiles; recycling fabric and yarn into small scale soft sculpture to highlight issues of over-consumption and unsustainable lifestyles, using a joy in making to re-connect people with their material culture.

1,000 Bunnies aims to create a positive reaction to waste materials. Each is made from abandoned garments from the Eden Project, clothing left behind by visitors to an environmental charity. The bunnies ask to be picked up, to be cherished, and make you re-evaluate your relationship to waste. In this, a bunny becomes a non-threatening carrier of a burdensome message that we simply don't consider the enormous environmental and human cost of clothes-making.

Within a contested landscape of environmental politics, people can be overwhelmed by conflicting information, the sheer scale of the problems, and the possibility of a personal capacity to create change, Sue's work aims to explore small-scale actions with a practice based on the idea of a joyful expectation of failure. Know that your actions won't single-handedly change the world, but do it anyway. It is the attempt itself that is valuable.

In her specific case, the actions are both personal – being a positive example that having less, mending and making things can be a source of pleasure and well-being – and practical – sharing those skills with others through workshops and community events.

These actions might be small, as one stuffed bunny is small, but 1,000 Bunnies shows physically the results of a repeated action. In this 1,000 Bunnies acts as a visual metaphor for the repeated small actions towards sustainable living.

Download instructions to make your own bunny from her website: www.bunnylove.co.uk "

Now I just need to get my shit together and update the bunnylove website with the 1,000 bunnies rather than the 400 from last year at Eden, and re-write a ton of things on it...  but it's so much easier to be lazy now that I don't have degree deadlines staring me in the face.



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